My father Bob Dault is the original artist in the family. Dad owned and operated a picture framing & art supply business for over 40 years. I remember watching him paint portraits in the basement of our home when I was very young. He taught me so much about different mediums and how to look at your subjects with a whole different perspective.

Mom Jeanne Dault who was always supportive of whatever I did, be it art or later on stage lighting. My grandmother Pearl (not pictured) used to send my sketches into the local newspaper to be published. I believe I was drawing cars then too. 

Brother Greg made me laugh and he is always smiling. However I used to play many tricks on him. Bad lil brother!

Sue Dault my wife for 35 years. She has been there like a rock for my other medium concert stage lighting which I still do to date. Sue and I are best friends. I trust her advice and opinion. Sue is the most thoughtful person I have ever met.

Our little boy Buddy! What can I say? cute.


I love you all so much thank you for the support.



Special thanks to my family...

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